“Dr. Matt”, as he is known in the gym, is a board-certified practicing emergency physician.  After completing his residency at Mt. Sinai in New York City in 2004, he stayed on as faculty there as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine until moving out to Portland in 2012 in search of the great outdoors and a healthy lifestyle for him and his family.  Matt discovered CrossFit in 2015.

“I was terrified when I walked into my first class.  Pacific Crest welcomed me like family from day one.  I was hooked in no time and today I’m proud to say I’m far fitter at 45 then I was at 25!”

In 2018, Matt had the opportunity through CrossFit Health to join a group of like-minded physicians in Aromas, California to gain CFMD-L1 certification.  CrossFit Health physicians aim to reshape modern medicine by focusing on maintaining wellness through healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise. 

“I feel incredibly fortunate to maintain not one but two jobs in the health field.  As a physician, my role has been to find and fix disease when it presented.  Now I’m thrilled to have another position focused on improving health and wellness and avoiding disease in the first place.”

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