Getting started at PCCF

You have never done CrossFit, or you have some experience but are not comfortable jumping into a group class.


Schedule a FREE, one-on-one Intro session with one of our instructors, where you’ll get a chance to learn more about our program, and talk more about Pacific Crest CrossFit. These sessions are by appointment only, and are required before you start training with us if you have never done CrossFit before. We use them to get a better idea of what your goals are, and how we can best help you achieve them. During the session, we’ll assess your fitness level, prior experience, and any issues that may prevent you from making progress as quickly as possible.

  • Sign up for a one-on-one intro using the form found here.

  • Make sure you know how to find us here!

  • Show up, be ready to ask questions, and get your first taste of training at Pacific Crest CrossFit!


Welcome to Pacific Crest CrossFit’s Basic program. Our Basic classes offer a controlled environment for those new to CrossFit to learn the skills common in our group classes. During your tenure in Basic you will be exposed to the training basics required to perform in our CrossFit group classes. We will expose you to new methods of exercise, as well as the latest in­formation on nutrition, and recovery. These classes should be challenging, informative and fun for you. Most importantly, you will make new friendships here that can only be forged through common endeavor. We have found these relationships to be some of the strongest you will find, and we are excited for you to share them with us!


30-day Intensive:

  • An assigned trainer to guide you throughout your 4-week journey

  • 3 Basic group-training sessions per week (M, W, F @ 7am)

  • 1 personal-training session per week

  • Guidance on nutrition, mobility and conditioning throughout the course

  • Weekly nutritional guidance and accountability coaching

  • Cost is $395

Option 2:

Personal Training:

  • 2-4 personal training sessions (based on progression)

  • Programming is constructed based on your goals, strengths and weaknesses

  • Cost is $80 per session

Option 3:

Basic Group Classes:

  • 3 group-training sessions per week (M, W, F @ 7am)

  • Classes focused on correct movement form

  • Cost is $155 per month

Option 4:

Drill 6 Aerobic Capacity Class:

  • 2 group-training sessions per week (T & Th @ 7am)

  • Classes focused on improving conditioning

  • Movements are are body-weight only

  • No requirement for training classes- start right away!