Visiting PCCF? Welcome!

Here's what you need to know:

  • We ask that all visitors have at least 6-months of CrossFit experience at a registered CrossFit affiliate. (Gyms that teach “CrossFit style” classes or boot camps do not count)

  • If you are a CrossFit coach or gym owner, please refrain from coaching our members. Be respectful of the community you are visiting

  • Each visit is $20.00. Please pay here prior to attending class: DROP-IN FEE

  • If you are in town for an extended period, then please email us to work out another arrangement

  •  Please show up at least 5-minutes prior to your class start time. Traffic can be heavy in Portland, so please plan accordingly

  • We do not allow visitors to do their own programming.

  • Choose any class from our SCHEDULE other then Basic or Masters. No need to sign up in advance

  • Please sign our waiver here: WAIVER